Open Your Heart with the Exquisite Sounds of Ninindi’s Mother Earth Healing Voice

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Ninindi’s meditative music for an open heart is derived from nature and nurtured from source.

Her expressed intent is to raise your vibration with sound and song.  For you to recall the Ancient ways of Earth which carries the new energy we are collectively moving towards, and for you to know the true pathways of energy.

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Ninindi’s Angelic Voice Connects You To Nature

Ninindi Johnstone, singer, songwriter, whose original music is inspired by nature, tunes into natural surrounds to produce wonderful harmonizing music which amplifies the forces of nature that sustain us. As a mother of five, Inspired Artist and Sound Sculptress, Ninindi’s music will transport you to a world of authentic peace and connection with all things.

“Ninindi is an Earth-maiden who is here to connect people with the love of the Earth.” – Angel Star

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