Opening hearts and minds with her voice of an angel, masterful songwriting, and superconscious connection. The music of Ninindi will lift you.

Whether its performing live, or having a song written for your loved ones, the focus, and aim of her music is to open up to your heart.

Ninindi's music takes you deeper into yourself as you listen and the waves of vibration wash over you.

Ninindi tunes into natural surrounds to produce wonderful harmonising music which amplifies the forces of nature that sustain us, and opens up a space for you to self heal.

As a mother of six, Inspired Artist and Sound Sculptress, Ninindi’s music will transport you to a world of authentic peace and connection with all things.

Water: Album

As if you are sitting at the beach, the creek, listening to the rain.. "A deep sense of peace and relaxation. It’s like taking a deep breath of stillness."