Become a Member of Ninindi's Creative Club

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Join in the Fun

  • Songwriting Interactive Zone (in a live webinar series) where you can to Ninindi's songwriting with your own creative word input

  • Poll for new song ideas

  • Get BTS content whenever Ninindi records

  • Live performance recordings

  • Early access to updates, tickets, releases

Every month, Ninindi presents to you a new song to work on. Get creative with your own input into creative songwriting, or, have your own story made into a song.

With you support and financial assistance, Ninindi can bring more songs to the table to be recorded and shared with you.

Have your say!

Be in the feeling zone of writing live music and having it performed for you.

"I will never forget the first time I performed live on stage - it was a nerve-racking buzz." In contrast, songwriting is a process from which one song can emerge to the light of day in a day, or take weeks, months to years to finalise. Will you take part in the action?

Be part of the creative zone with Ninindi and lets write amazing songs together!

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