Share Your Story

I'd love to hear your story.

Whether it's a love story, or break-up, losing a friend, death of a loved one, an important day of your life, starting over in your life, an important issue that you want to speak up about, overcoming adversity, hardship, a great day in your life - I want to hear it all!

Do you have a life story to share?

Or something of importance to you?

Ever thought of having someone create a song from your words?

A song can be an emotive and touching gift for a lover, friend, family member, or loving memento for yourself. It can commemorate great feelings, or be a release from negative emotions, and a way to be heard.

Your story could be chosen to be turned into a song by Ninindi.

Submissions can be sent via email.

There are many ways you can submit a story:

  • Record an audio file on your phone and then email it to me.

  • Write the story out and email that to me.

  • Have a video of the event? Email me a link to your uploaded video. (You can upload to YouTube or another streaming service.)

Use this email form for a written story or link to a video:

Or email direct if you have an audio attachment: bonus [at] ninindijohnstone [dot] com

All songs are copyright to Ninindi @ Appreciation Foundation. Life and will be used by Ninindi in her repertoire of music if your story is chosen.

If you would like to ensure your story is made into a song, I will soon have the option for you to provide a contribution for your song. Watch this space.