Immerse Yourself in Healing Waters Sound Essence

"Ninindi's music helps me feel peace and connection within, and a feeling of having a journey to another space, dimension, world."

"Feels so soothing."

Ninindi’s music takes me to that place of feel like I'm sitting right by the creek. It gives me a deep sense of peace and relaxation. It’s like taking a deep breath of stillness.

Ever feel super stressed, like the world's getting to you?

Do you just want to relax like you're sitting in nature, yet haven't got the means, time, or space to get there?

Welcome to Water.

Water essence music by Ninindi.

Music themed around water.. And created by tuning into the essence and vibration of water.

Ninindi's music "fills you're being with peace, joy and transcendence uncommon in ordinary times".

Jump into the chance to own your own piece of nature music here.

For a limited time Ninindi is sharing her Water music album on CD with you!

Catch the wave and immerse yourself in healing water essence.

Water: the Album

Physical CD

$0.95 ($20) + $5.00 Packaging & Shipping

“Ninindi Johnstone has one of the most healing, mother earth voices. If you have a spare 20 minutes please drop in to experience her sound. You can also purchase her music, just ask her and she will show you how. ♥”